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We, the OSTSEE-SCHMUCK GMBH, offer our customers a varied, individual range of jewellery. Whether traditional or modern jewellery design - every person will find the perfect piece. The precious metals gold and silver are not only used in combination with amber, but also with diamonds, aquamarine, amethyst, blue topaz, malachite, onyx, coral, turquoise, tiger eye and many others.
Making our customers’ special requests come true is what we do. Alterations and smaller repairs will, where possible, be carried out immediately, which means that customers can enjoy a tour or a cup of coffee in our bistro, then take the jewellery back home with them straight away.

Enjoy our pieces of jewellery!

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Charm, Herz
Silber 925 ohne Besatz
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Charm, 13
Silber 925 ohne Besatz
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Charm, 7
Silber 925 ohne Besatz