A piece of jewelry

Cutting amber

In the amber grinding workshop, the natural amber is refined, cut, drilled, ground, and polished. This is either done manually or using a semiautomatic machine. The supplied, preselected raw amber is assigned to the various commissioned projects and cut according to technical requirements.
For this, the natural properties of the amber always have to be kept in mind, for example hidden fissures in the stone or socalled inclusions. These inclusions could have been made by plants or animals.
Next, the stones are ground to be given their shape. Here, the skill and expertise of the amber workers comes to the fore - even a tenth of a millimetre makes a difference. In the workshop, you can view many working samples of natural amber. In the supply cases, there are different types of amber in different stages of processing, for example partly ground, raw, polished, drilled, and faceted.