Stamping, forming, embossing

Stamping, forming, and embossing

Stamping involves cutting components from flat sheet metal strips by means of high pressure. These are then cold formed in special embossing tools. In our stamping workshop, you can see small, medium, and large presses as well as complete stamping and embossing forms, allowing a piece of jewellery to be stamped and embossed from a sheet metal strip in a very short time.
The metal sheets are prepared with scissors and rollers. Wire is prepared and formed by means of winding mandrels and Ubimat wire bending machines. Here, you can see various working samples of prepared wire pieces or of deep cut and pressed mounts, which are set in to the pieces of jewellery in order to hold the stone.
We are proud of a particularly beautiful example of German mechanical engineering, our oldest machine, an eccentric press, made around 1900 and still in use until 1991.
Its base body has been cast in one piece, in a way that would be very difficult to manufacture nowadays. It weighs 3.5 tonnes and has a pressing force of 62 tonnes.