Our service

Learn how to polish, do the water test and take a tour

Our skilled experts will welcome you and take you on a guided tour through the “open-house production”. On request and with prior booking, visitor groups (of at least 15 members) can take a tour of the factory showroom and learn more about all the fascinating details about how we create our jewellery. The guided tour is included in the group entrance fee. At our amber workshop, you can produce your very own piece of jewellery from a piece of amber with a range of components (loops, rings, chains etc). Our team will support you at any time with practical advice and help. Find out for yourself how to distinguish amber from other similar looking pieces. The burn and water test will remove any doubt. Practice your newly acquired skills during your tour through the various production steps.
Work the amber yourself, as you have watched our experts do. Experience with your own hands how, with cutting and polishing, a plain-looking raw piece of amber reveals its fascinating, glowing beauty. With us, you can experience this and many other things.