Come and visit us!

The exhibition

Situated in our workshop is a sales gallery with the largest sales exhibition of amber in Europe. All exhibition pieces, including select and rareamber art jewellery, are for sale. The original model of the Bounty reflects the artisanal skill with which the numerous, varied pieces of art and jewellery have been crafted from amber. They have almost exclusively been created in our own manufacturing studio.
The hull of an old fishing boat creates a maritime atmosphere. But there is more to it than just catching the eye of arriving visitors. The numerous polished pieces of amber set in the hull are lit from inside and let this fascinating fossilised tree resin shine with its natural, beautiful glow. The larger than life light column at the entrance to our gallery is inset with about 140 kg amber. This shining amber fascinates all visitors, especially when it catches the sunlight.

In our exhibition, you can also admire the largest amber tree in Germany. It is about 1.8 m tall with a crown circumference of about 3 m. It has been decorated with almost 29,000 amber leaves, weighing in at about 7.5 kg overall. Since 2008, the entrance area has been lit by an imposing amber lamp, whose elements have been filled with 50 kg of amber. Especially in the winter months,this lamp spreads a cosy, warm light inthroughout the entire entrance area. Our range of jewellery in all varieties will exceed your expectations! More than 4,500 rings are offered in special “ring kings”. And it goes without saying that the usual jewellery services (size alterations, immediate repairs where possible and special commissions) are part of our everyday business.